Helpful Hints

As I come up with helpful hints I will place them here.  If you have any specific questions or something that you would like me to post about please leave a comment and I will do my best to help you out! 🙂

Get started early – especially with getting your letters of recommendation, good letters can often take a while to compose, plus the OTCAS also asks your recommenders to fill out a survey about you.

Don’t fixate on comparing your stats, although they are important, other things such as interview skills and experiences that you have had help to set you apart from the other perspective students.

Rejection hurts, but don’t get down on yourself! Call or email the school and ask what you could improve upon with your application.  Take time to truly find yourself, learn, grow and then go after your dream stronger and more prepared than ever.

You can do this! Remain calm, give yourself plenty of time and show them the best version of yourself!