As the month of October draws to a close many of you applying for this year’s cycle of OT schools will be going on or have already gone on interviews.  Some schools do not have interviews but I believe many do.  You have submitted your application either directly through the school or via the OTCAS. … More Interviews

Exciting News for OT

What a great time to  be a part of the wonderful field of Occupational Therapy.  On September 15th a new study was released that helps support the need for occupational therapy to reduce the rate of hospital re admissions.  Follow the link if you would like to read the article: Although those of us who … More Exciting News for OT

Back to School Tips

In the coming weeks, if not already, school will be starting once again.  Another summer comes to a close and hopefully some nice fall weather is around the corner.  I hope everyone had an amazing summer, although summer becomes slightly less fun as an adult because we no longer get summers off and our responsibilities … More Back to School Tips

Textbook Tips

School can be a very expensive venture.  When looking at the cost of school most people take into consideration the cost of classes and the cost of living.  One of the things that people tend to forget about is the cost of textbooks.  These books are not your $10 books that you can pick up … More Textbook Tips

The Waiting Game

I can’t believe it is already August!! I hope everything is going well for all those applying to OT programs this cycle.  It can be a bit of a waiting game.  You hurry up and get all of your information in and then you wait.  You wait for an interview request or any information that … More The Waiting Game