Balancing Work & School

It has been months since my last post.  Between school and work there is not an excess of time.  Many people have asked if you can keep a job while in OT school.  The answer is Yes you can.  However, every person is different, so what works for one will not work for all.

I attend a full time OT program.  Within my cohort there is a wide variety of people.  We have those fresh out of undergrad, those who have been in the workforce for a while and those who are married with kids.  Some people in my program work every week, some work once or twice a month, others pick up hours in the summer and some do not work at all.  It really all depends on you!

Below are some tips on finding what works best for you:

  • If you are currently employed, discuss your options with your employer
  • Look for a PRN (as needed) position so you can have control over the number of hours you work per week
  • Look into jobs at the university you will be attending, many times there will be assistantship jobs open for students
  • Give yourself at least the first week of school off and increase your hours from there if possible
  • Don’t feel bad if there are weeks you can’t work, just focus on your ultimate goal of becoming an amazing OT
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed talk to a friend, advisor or employer
  • If you find you can’t work during school or can only pick up an odd job here or there that is fine, do what you can manage
  • Do your best to find a balance and keep moving forward!

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