Make Waiting Worthwhile

Time is flying! When people told me to enjoy it, because it would be over before you know it, I had no idea just how accurate that statement was! The first semester is long since over and now it is onto semester 2 which promises to be just as challenging.

At this point for those who are applying for this cycle the deadlines to submit your applications are coming to a close or have done so already and you are waiting for some sort of feedback.  Whether it comes in the form of an acceptance letter or an offer of an interview.  Waiting is never fun, but is a necessary evil of this process! Don’t spend this time agonizing over whether your stats are good enough or whether or not you will get in, you have put your best foot forward and you have to hope for the best.  Take this time for you, if you can.  Use it to learn and grow as an individual whether that be by finishing school, traveling, cooking, reading, learning a new skill or working to save up the money to achieve your dreams.  Take the time to enjoy life, because WHEN you get accepted, this time will become precious and “me time” moments will become very few and far between.  Turn this time of waiting into something worthwhile and enjoy it!

Best of luck in the coming weeks and as always if there are any questions or topics that you would like me to discuss, please feel free to leave a comment and I will do my very best to address them!


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